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KCPPA Easter Hunt


The Easter Bunny once again chose a beautiful sunny day to visit Kent College to help KS1 hunt for eggs. The girls were so pleased to see him, some sang him a song, others told him what they would like for Easter. They hunted for mini chocolate eggs and golden coins, had some biscuits and juice and then they gave him a hug goodbye, although they really didn't want him to go.

KS2 were tasked with making Easter bonnets for the Easter parade. There was an amazing array of colours and shapes as each year group paraded around the stage and the best hat was announced. The KCPPA provided juice, biscuits and Easter bags filled with goodies and I think it's fair to say that we had as much fun as the girls did. A very big thank you to the ladies that turned up to volunteer on the day. It was a great way to end Spring Term.


Posted: 29.03.2016
Tags:  latest
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